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Verna Kitchen Benchtops are made from local and imported timbers. We provide them in raw slab form, or as prefabricated made to measure items.

Verna Benchtops can also be ordered complete with connectors and bullnosing ready to assemble onto one of our custom ordered carcasses.

Our kitchen Benchtops are a perfect addition to your order, and are produced to last the test of time.

We can assist you in the selection of materials that best suit the environment you are installing into and provide professional advice and products to aid you in your renovations.

Handy Hints for Designing


  • Warm dark colors will make the room appear smaller.

  • Light pastel colors will make the room appear larger.

  • Bright laminate color's will liven up a room.

  • Neutral laminate color's will simplyify the look of a room.

  • The amount of light in the room will affect the color of the laminate, thus when selecting your laminate always ensure you have viewed you're swatches in the room you wish to place the benchtops.

  • Consider the amount of morning, midday and evening light in the room, for instance does the sun rise towards the room or set towards the room.

  • Consider the number and type of appliances to be placed on the benchtops when creating your design, ensuring each piece will be able to be placed were you want it to be.

  • The type of profile you select is paramount, many modern kitchen designs use the 16mm 180 degree profile, whilst those customers selecting timber laminate finishes generally use the 10mm 180 degree profile, so as to give the effect of solid timber.

  • The finish of the laminate will also affect the style of the room, do you want a smooth surface or a slightly ridged surface.

  • Consider the number of exposed edges on the design? Would you like a profile, a edge strip or perhaps an arc end to complement the design.

  • The number of color's in any room will define the look of that room. Therefore, Verna Kitchen Components recommends using no more then 5 unique colors in any room.

  • When selecting were to place joins in your tops (if any) consider were these joins will be, is there a sink or garbage disposal unit that might hinder the installation process.

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